Subject to Change Sun Hawk Big Sun Energy Grenache 750ml (No Barcode)

Subject to Change Sun Hawk Big Sun Energy Grenache 750ml (No Barcode)


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Subject to Change is a project focusing on organically and biodynamically-farmed single vineyard sites, it also utilizes the true “Zero Zero” wine-making process. “Zero Zero” meaning only organic or biodynamic grapes are used to make this wine. Zero intervention during the wine-making process, only indigenous yeasts are used, and Zero fining, filtering or sulfur added. What does this mean for the wines? It means more attention during the grape growing, the harvest, the wine-making process and then the bottling. Every step of the way the wine is being watched to make sure the liquid poured into your glass is as pure as eating the grapes off the vine. This is a playful California wine that is meant to be enjoyed. 

The Grenache goes through two weeks of carbonic maceration then crushed and then the juice spends another six weeks on the skins. This wine is dense in color, but lively and energetic on the palate. “This wine has balanced acidity with hints of tobacco, and the experience of warm vine ripened bramble berries popped into your mouth in the moment after being plucked from the vine. You can taste the time spent under those strong (Mendocino) rays of sun. Cracked pepper and eucalyptus add delightful savory notes." Alex Pomerantz, Winemaker Subject to Change.

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